Cornerstone™ Methodology


Cornerstone™ Methodology

Learning methodology, the Cornerstone™ to our learning approach.

The Cornerstone™ methodology provides a systematic approach to the way we define Learning and Performance Support solutions and execute our learning engagements.

Each phase relates to a stage within the lifecycle of a project. It includes clearly defined goals, deliverables, activities and responsibilities.

  • Analyse - Identify learning challenges and the training and support infrastructure; then develop a targeted learning and performance support strategy
  • Design - Gain a comprehensive understanding of job roles and plan the required curricula. Install development tools; develop templates and standards; develop and test prototypes to see how the training solution will look and function
  • Develop - Build courseware, assessments and performance support content, and construct performance support solutions and training environments
  • Implement - Conduct train the trainer and training pilots. Provide end user training, training administration and support
  • Evaluate - Assess solutions throughout the cycle against defined objectives and requirements, adjusting and refining our approach as required
  • Support - Ensure sustainability, by defining and developing inhouse training capability and formally handover the solution