Momentum™ Methodology


Momentum™ Methodology

Change methodology, creating the Momentum™ for Change.

Momentum™ is a modular methodology we use to provide a framework, tools and accelerators.

  • Momentum™ delivers rapid results by employing practical activities to achieve quality outcomes
  • Momentum™ is a dynamic and effective change facilitation process – its core components are tailored to suit your specific project requirements

We’ve used Momentum™ for various change scenarios from enterprise transformation programs, to process driven change projects. Business process documentation or learning and performance support can be provided as standalone offerings.

  • Business Process - Provides the governance, framework and tools for analysing structuring, defining the ownership of, and documenting business policies, processes and procedures.
  • Human Systems - Developing the processes required for managing human performance in the workplace in an environment of change, and sustain ongoing change. Understanding the way jobs are structured in terms of competency groupings and reporting lines, and how it relates to newly defined or redesigned organisational structures and/or business processes.
  • Change Communications - Provides the framework and tools for communicating key messages to all those affected by the change initiative. Strategic planning, developing the communications and evaluating effectiveness are all key activities.
  • Learning and Performance Support - We provide a full range of customised learning and training solutions for IT systems such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel and other business and bespoke systems. Our approach integrates business process, system transaction processing, and changes to role and responsibilities, within the training curriculum.
  • Change Leadership - Building the specific skill capacity within the organisation to lead and facilitate change. 
  • Change Strategy and Planning - The framework and tools for planning and managing a change program. It involves determining the approach to change; planning to manage the impact on the organisation and individuals; mitigating risk; and the continual monitoring and adjustment of the program to achieve a smooth transition and realise the desired business outcomes.