Change Components


Change Components

Whether you require an individual change expert to provide direction and advice; or a fully integrated transformation capability within your Project – Cubic Consulting has it covered.

Impact and strategy 

We’ll analyse and strategically plan and manage your organisational change:

  • Processes and policies
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Structure and culture
  • Existing change mechanisms (HR, communications, Learning and Development)
  • Analyse impact of change


For a stand-alone solution of a fully integrated communications offer, we can:

  • Analyse the audience and communication channels
  • Create a targeted communications plan with key messages
  • Design and deliver the components of the communications plan
  • Evaluate effectiveness and continue fine tuning throughout the process 

Stakeholder and transition management

We provide subject area expertise to:

  • Analyse and manage impacts to the business
  • Establish and manage a change agent network
  • Engage key stakeholders and manage expectations
  • Plan the transition, account for risk, analyse readiness
  • Organisation redesign 
  • Execute communications plan
  • Monitor employee engagement; work with HR to embed change

Change leadership / Change mentors

We’ll develop skills in partnership with your internal change leaders and agents by:

  • Helping to identify and manage your change agent network – power users, key users, super users
  • Building leadership capability for your sponsors to lead and facilitate change
  • Mentoring staff, providing tools, templates and advice to maximise business result